At Your Local Psychiatrist we look to collaborate your mental healthcare with both prescriber as well as therapists, who are all here to help you to work towards a better quality of life. We drive our practice on patient care and do our best to make sure we can match you up with a suitable provider for your specific needs.

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Frantz Lubin, MD

Mian Siddique, MD

Bethany Malugin, NP

Olena Zakharova, NP

Christine Chollak, NP

Mariya Shavulskiy, NP

Stephanie English, NP

Reagan Anusionwu, NP

Becca Spaulding, NP

Hope Okoroh, NP

Amy McDonnell, NP


Mark Zimmermann, LCSW

Constance Grey, LCSW

Brittany Jenkins, LMSW

Victoria Von Berg, LMSW

Manda Winseman, LMSW

Christopher Tarello, LMSW