Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy where a trained psychiatrist uses a range of therapeutic interventions to assist both partners in their romantic relationship. Therapy focuses on resolving conflict, improving relationship satisfaction, addressing any difficulties with addictions or intimacy.

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Purpose of couples psychotherapy

The purpose of couples psychotherapy is to achieve better communication, increase trust, enhance intimacy, and deal with issues that create discord in the relationship. Couples therapy works to understand underlying tension and how to address them to cultivate a positive, loving relationship.

Romantic relationships are difficult, and conflicts will inevitably arise in all partnerships. Relationships can end, and frequently do, whether it’s due to an affair or betrayal of trust, issues with money, shifting desires within the relationship, divergent ideas, or continual arguing. The area of conflict can only sometimes be solved with the intervention of a specialist as the couple are unable to resolve it on their own. Initially, both individuals attend sessions together with the option to have private discussions later on.

Couples therapy approaches

EFT for couples

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) identifies the negative, rigid interaction patterns that typify couple relationships suffering from emotional separation and insecure attachment. EFT formulates ways for new and positive experiences to change the nature of the interactional drama.

Psychodynamic couple’s therapy

Psychodynamic couple’s therapy

The focus of psychodynamic therapy is on the unconscious level to identify why we repeat behavior patterns and make decisions that are not beneficial to the individual nor the relationship.

couples CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

When relationships are characterized by distress and destructive conflicts, it can be injurious to psychological health. Cognitive-behavioral couple therapy (CBCT) is structured talk therapy that helps romantic partners decrease negative elements by reframing thoughts and words and using problem-solving skills.

Your Local Psychiatrist advantages and experience in couples and family therapy

As mental health experts, we understand the impact that relationship distress can have on the individuals and the family environment. Through couples and family therapy and online couples therapy, the Your Local Psychiatrist team supports and helps partners, and children address problems that affect each person as well as the unit as a whole.

  • Board Certified and highly experienced providers
  • Individual approach to patients
  • Easy-to-access online psychiatry and psychotherapy services
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Portal access to your providers and appointments
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Your Local Psychiatrist team of family psychotherapists work together with couples and individuals, during an in-person or online session, to do a thorough assessment of the relationship. This helps us establish the goals that you and your partner want to achieve through therapy.

In a safe and controlled environment, our therapy techniques equip couples with relationship wellness tools, so we can collaborate on resolving dysfunctional issues within the relationship.

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Dr. Mian Siddique, MD
Dr. Mian Siddique, MD, Psychiatrist
Hope Okoroh, NP, Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Hope Okoroh, NP, Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

FAQs about Psychotherapy for Couples

How does couples therapy work?

Couples therapy helps in laying the groundwork for learning to listen better and concentrate on improving communication rather than simply fighting less. Therapy promotes positive reactions and expressions, which is a crucial building block for nurturing a stronger bond.

What to expect from couples therapy?

Expect to talk about the history of your relationship difficulties, key issues you are having and the main sources of your stress in the relationship. The details shared in therapy forms the basis for defining goals, so it is crucial to be open and honest.

When to go to couples therapy?

The mental and physical health of each romantic partner is harmed by ongoing relationship stress, which can also have an adverse effect on any children involved. If it is difficult to resolve or talk about issues, and destructive behaviors are repetitive then consider getting professional help.

How to prepare for couples therapy?

As a couple you will discover new connections, levels of trust, and forms of support as a result of couples therapy. It’s important for both partners to have an open mind and be ready and willing to discuss expectations for therapy and your relationship.

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