Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services

Your Local Psychiatrist offers child and adolescent mental health services for children 7 years and older. We can assess, diagnose, and treat young children and teenagers who will benefit from specialized input and treatment.

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Mental Health Services for Adolescents & Children

The adolescent years are crucial as it’s the formative time for developing social and emotional habits that are necessary for good mental health. Mental health services for adolescents focus on instilling healthy approaches to challenging situations. The potential impact on teenagers’ mental health increases with the number of risk factors they are exposed to, and adolescence is a particularly stressful time with peer pressure and identity exploration. The quality of their interactions with their family and friends are significant influence as well.

Addiction, eating disorders, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, and self-harm are just a few examples of how underlying mental health problems can manifest. An adolescent’s capacity to engage in daily activities is impaired, and their health is compromised. Our children’s mental health services work to address root causes, manage symptoms, and help your child to recover.

Childrens Mental Health Services

Types of adolescent & children's mental health therapies

act therapy for children

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), an action-focused method of children’s mental health therapy. Young patients learn to recognize emotions instead of denying and struggling with them. With this comprehension, they can confront and embrace their challenges, and resolve to adjust their behavior and reactions as needed.

cbt therapy for children

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a pragmatic and highly structured form of children’s mental health therapy. The therapist works with the child to identify and resolve issues that are negative and harmful.  Therapy works through each component that causes distress such as emotions, actions, and thoughts.

dbt therapy for children

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Children and teens who struggle to control powerful emotions may benefit from this intensive, structured type of children’s mental health therapy. To help children understand and accept challenging emotions, DBT combines mindfulness exercises with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which shows them how to alter their feelings and actions.

other mental health therapies for children and teens

Other Types of Therapies

Children’s mental health therapy depends on the child’s assessment and the best treatment plan is provided to improve your child’s wellbeing by reducing their symptoms. It can also aim to build resilience and support their development. Treatment may include a combination of medication, talking therapy, as well as behavior, family, and creative therapies.

Your Local Psychiatrist advantages and experience in mental health services for children and adolescents

Your Local Psychiatrist has a multidisciplinary, qualified, and experienced team that offers mental health services for children. Adolescent mental health issues can result in anxiety, depression, loneliness, serious health problems, chronic disorders, and even suicide. We are passionate about working with children and young people who have difficulties navigating the complexities of their emotions and actions.

  • Board Certified and highly experienced providers
  • Individual approach to patients
  • Easy-to-access online psychiatry and psychotherapy services
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Portal access to your providers and appointments
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Children and adolescent mental health treatment

Adolescent mental health services encompass a repository of techniques and approaches in the protection and psychosocial care of children and teenagers who suffer from serious psychiatric, emotional, behavioral, or developmental issues.

For young patients and their families, this service offers specialized outpatient and inpatient mental health treatments, including assessment, a range of combined therapies, and education. Additionally, it offers advice and liaison services to general practitioners, educational institutions, and important allied health and social service organizations.

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mental health support for children and adolescent
mental health therapy for children and teenagers

FAQs about child and adolescent mental health services

What happens in children's mental health therapy sessions?

With younger children, therapy can include family collaboration, sketching, playing, and talking. Therapists provide activities and suggestions for older children and teenagers that emphasize learning the necessary skills while being able to discuss their feelings and work through issues.

How long do kids do therapy?

The goals you and your child’s therapist have will determine how long therapy lasts. A therapist will typically wish to see your child once a week for a few months.

How to know if my child needs mental health services?

Many children experience emotional irregularities which are part of normal development. However, as a parent, if you sense there is something abnormal and persistent with your child’s behavior, reasoning, emotions, schoolwork, or relationships, getting a mental health assessment will determine if treatment is necessary.

How effective are online children's mental health services?

Online children’s mental health services are effective tools for enhancing communication and support during treatment. Often youngsters open up more in a virtual environment because they are proficient and comfortable with technology.

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