LGBT Counseling

LGBT counseling is a therapeutic intervention with a trained therapist in LGBT, gender identity, and sexuality issues. Therapy helps LGBT people navigate their unique situations such as coming out, or questioning their gender and sexual orientation, and dealing with family rejection.

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LGBT Online Counseling

LGBT people have the same struggles as everyone else with the added stress of coping in a world that does not fully accept those who are not cisgendered and heterosexual. Because of these persistent disapproving messages from society, LGBT people must delicately manage any impact their sexual and gender status could have on their career, friends, and family. While the LGBT community offers tremendous support, finding that same support from loved ones can be difficult especially with the potential for rejection.

LGBT online counseling is a lifeline for those with internalized oppression, isolation and alienation, confusion, depression, or the loss of social support. Enduring stigma and prejudice throughout their lives, and becoming victims of sexual and physical abuse, harassment, and hate crimes have a negative impact on mental health.

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LGBT Counseling Services

LGBT counseling services offer access to therapy, referrals, and a wealth of other resources to help LGBT people address the unique challenges they face in life. Individual counseling provides a way to address one’s most private issues exclusively with an experienced therapist in a confidential setting either online or in-person. This is an effective approach to resolving underlying problems that show up as interpersonal and relational difficulties as well as confronting overt issues that affect everyday life.

Group therapy may be recommended if the counselor determines it to be a good fit. The group dynamic can encourage growth and acceptance of issues specific to LGBT people and it can provide a comfortable space to discover positive ways of interacting with others.

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The Benefits of LGBT Counseling

LGBT and other sexual and gender minorities frequently experience difficulties in life that can lead to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and other mental health illnesses. Finding a therapist who has expertise working with persons of different genders and sexual orientations can be beneficial whether you are seeking counseling for a subject that is specifically linked to your gender and sexuality or for something unrelated.

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LGBT counseling online provides greater access to certified therapists anywhere in the country or world. It is a more cost effective approach to counseling than in-person sessions, and you still get the benefit of a safe and confidential consultation via a secure video call. Online therapy eliminates the need to travel or take time out of work to attend a counseling session.

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