ADHD Treatment

ADHD treatment can aid with symptom relief and reduce the severity of the condition's impact on daily living. A combination of psychotherapy and medication is typically used as the most effective treatment approach.

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Treatment for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD is managed by a mental health professional to reduce the negative effects of ADHD symptoms on the patient while enhancing their capacity to address difficulties. Treatment reduces a person’s degree of symptoms and functional impairment and improves their quality of life. When children, adolescents, and adults are diagnosed with ADHD, the treatment approach is customized to address their unique needs. For younger patients, there is a focus on improved behavioral results.

There are numerous treatment alternatives, and which one is most effective will depend on the child, adult, or family needs. Pharmacological treatments are often included to help manage uncontrolled symptoms such as improving levels of concentration to complete a task. Comorbid disorders like anxiety can also be treated.

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ADHD Treatment Options


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that integrates cognitive therapy with behavior therapy. It identifies incorrect or maladaptive patterns of thought, emotional response, or behavior and replaces them with more appropriate actions and beliefs.

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is one of the effective ADHD treatment options that blends cognitive therapy principles with meditative techniques and mindsets built on the development of ‘mindfulness’. Patients learn to deliberately observe their thoughts and feelings without placing judgment.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

A modified form of cognitive behavioral therapy is dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) which teaches patients how to be present, create healthy coping mechanisms for stress, control their emotions, and enhance interpersonal connections.

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Supportive Psychotherapy

Supportive psychotherapy is an ADHD treatment option that employs immediate interventions to reduce symptoms as well as to maintain, improve, or enhance ego functioning, adaptive skills, and self-esteem. Unlike psychodynamic therapies, its goals are more limited

Your Local Psychiatrist NYC advantages and experience in offline & online ADHD treatment

The best treatment for ADHD applies psychotherapy methods with medication to improve the patient’s symptoms. Your Local Psychiatrist specializes in ADHD offering therapy and medication management in both offline and online environments. Our online therapy services are a vital lifeline for people with overwhelming anxiety that inhibits their ability to travel. This treatment option also benefits patients who need the flexibility and convenience with receiving treatment from home.

  • Board Certified and highly experienced providers
  • Individual approach to patients
  • Easy-to-access online psychiatry and psychotherapy services
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Portal access to your providers and appointments
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ADHD treatment methodology

A mental health professional knowledgeable in ADHD may employ multimodal Psychotherapy and behavior strategies in the ADHD treatment plan. Treatment also includes recommending lifestyle and dietary changes and developing systems to enhance the patient’s time management and ability to complete tasks.

If required, the therapist can address any drug or alcohol addictions, promote support from friends or family and prescribe and monitor medication. Prescription drugs can improve focus and help control impulses.

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FAQs about ADHD treatment

Is online treatment for ADHD effective?

Managing an ADHD treatment plan through online services can be just as effective as in-person consultations. By using telehealth services, more adults and children with ADHD are getting access to mental health services.

Are medications necessary for ADHD treatment?

Not all people with ADHD require medication. But most ADHD sufferers can benefit from medication, which can help improve concentration and listening and make the patient feel calmer and less restless.

How do you know ADHD treatment is working?

Any therapies or medications should reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Before beginning treatment, collaborate with your clinician to develop a list of symptoms specific to the patient that can be monitored for improvement.

What does it feel like when ADHD is treated?

Effective treatment will make patients feel less physical and verbal impulsivity. Their thoughts are more structured and there is a decreased sense of stress and anxiety. The patient also feels more in control of their emotions.

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