Adult Mental Health Services

Adult mental health services are offered online, and as residential or inpatient treatments. Services provided include the assessment and treatment of patients, support services, as well as other interventions for immediate mental health needs. Individual counseling and psychotherapy, group therapy, and medication management are common components.

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treatment of impulse control disorder

Purpose of mental health treatment for adults

How we feel, think, and behave is influenced by our mental health. It impacts the way we respond to stress, interact with others, and make good decisions. Sound mental health is vital for all stages of life from childhood and adolescence to maturity. The goal of adult mental health services is to advance definite, quantifiable, and doable objectives. It requires determination and practice to change behaviors, improve interpersonal relationships, enhance the ability to cope and deal with difficult situations, and become more decisive, and independent.

Personal growth is a process that lasts a lifetime and treatment can help people in determining their strengths and goals so they can lead productive lives, improve their capacity to communicate, solve problems, and be adaptable.

Types of mental health services for adults

psychotic disorders

Mental health assessments for adults

Mental health assessments for adults provide a mental health professional with information on the patient’s thoughts, feelings, reasoning, and memory. Through a series of questions and a physical examination, the clinician can make a diagnosis.

Dissociative fugue therapy

Mental health services for older adults

Mental health services for older adults offer evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation to senior citizens with recently developed psychiatric illnesses as well as those who have severe behavioral and psychological issues related to dementia.


Young adults' mental health services

Young adults’ mental health services are focused on providing the support and treatment for youngsters facing difficulties because of their condition. Mental health professionals do a full assessment and recommend treatments that include several therapies, psychoeducation, and medication management.

Your Local Psychiatrist NYC advantages and experience in mental health services for adults

Your Local Psychiatrist offers in-person and online treatment and support for people with health problems. Accessibility to mental health is central to recovery and improving one’s quality of life. Therapies have traditionally been conducted offline in face-to-face groups, but online treatment is rapidly increasing. Using one or a combination of both approaches increases the availability of care to our patients.

  • Board Certified and highly experienced providers
  • Individual approach to patients
  • Easy-to-access online psychiatry and psychotherapy services
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Portal access to your providers and appointments
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Meet our psychotherapists

Rudoy’s Medical multidisciplinary team offers adult mental health programs to help people with mental illnesses become stronger and heal and recommend treatment or mix of treatments that best suit them.

We employ evidence-based techniques from a variety of psychological modalities to assist patients in overcoming a variety of difficulties.

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Dr. Frantz Lubin, MD
Dr. Frantz Lubin, MD
Bethany Malugin, NP, Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Bethany Malugin, NP, Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

FAQs about mental health services for adults

When do adults need mental health assessment?

When people feel there are noticeable changes in their personality, eating, or sleeping habits, or experiencing unmanageable anxiety and depression, it could indicate the need for therapeutic intervention. Getting access to treatment starts with having a psychological evaluation.

What are the common reasons older adults seek mental health services?

Older people experience upsetting events such as bereavement, retirement, or the onset of physical or cognitive ailments that causes them to seek treatment. These stressors can result in isolation or psychological distress.

What are the common reasons young adults seek mental health services?

Emotional and physical changes, abuse, poverty, peer pressures, sexual identity, drug abuse, and eating orders are some of the reasons adolescents are vulnerable to mental health problems. Treatment can address underlying issues to alter behaviors and thoughts.

What are the main kinds of therapies for mental disorders in adults?

There are many types of mental health disorders and although patients respond differently to treatments, the main aspects of therapy include medication, psychotherapy, complementary therapies, or brain stimulation therapy to improve symptoms.

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